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DACA - Important to Contact Your Congressional Representatives

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Trump bans transgender Americans from military service

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Simple Exercises to do at Home or Take on the Road: Basic Squats

Taking Your Fitness Training Program on the Road.
One-to-one fitness training enables you to customize your specialized fitness regimen with good technique, personalized instruction and step-by-step guidance. Your personal trainer can develop a program that will incorporate your fitness goals in a regime that fits into your lifestyle.
In the video segment you are about to watch, John Colella and Michael Mayorga, who founded Fitness Inspired Training, offer one way for those on the other side of 50, to take fitness training “on the road” when they are traveling for work or for pleasure. John and Michael’s 20 plus years of professional fitness training experience make them qualified to offer up sound recommendations. The video segment you are about to watch includes an exercise regimen designed to build muscle strength and endurance.
Be sure to check our previous video.
Mike and John can be contacted at (516) 304-5743.
(Note: Check with your physician before embarking on any fitness regimen and discuss taking your program on the road.)

Today is: February 21, 2018 - 1:40pm
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