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Fulfilling an Impossible Dream

For the past 50 years Al Cinamon has been a driving instructor.  He believes that traffic safety training should begin early in life and, consequently, about 20 years ago he developed a board game to give young people an early look at safe driving behaviors.  The game is called On The Road. 

On The Road simulates real driving experiences.  Players are required to get a learner's permit, practiice driving and get licensed, but before they can go on the road they must buy insurance and join an auto club.  The object of the game is to drive home safely. 

When Al finished his first prototype he pitched it to big oil companies, the AAA and even to people in the insurance industry.  Although there was initial interest in the game, he couldn't get anyone to invest in the project.  Over the years the game was used by his grandchildren, who loved it, but he never gave up the dream of some day being able to actually have it produced and sold in stores across the country. 

Recently, Al adapted the game to an adult version and he brought it with him while on a family vacation in Ocean City, Maryland.  Everyone loved it.  The winner won $100.  Al was encouraged to place On The Road on the website which raises money for projects such as this -- and that's where it is right now. 

This might be Al's "Impossible Dream," but isn't that what life is all about ... Dreams?

Check out Al's project on Kickstart; you might even want to invest.

According to Al:  There’s an old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed…" and you know the rest.  There’s another saying that says if you try the same thing over and over again and expect different results, then you’re insane. Well, call me crazy, but I’m going to try again.



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