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The Palestinians And Jordan Declare Religious War Against The Jews — It Is Dangerous

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Voter Discontent Opens Door for Third-Party Presidential Bids by Byron Tau

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Trump’s Triumphs Demolish Netanyahu’s Fortress GOP Strategy

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Bloomberg for President?

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Mrs. Houdini: - a Novel, by Victoria Kelly - Reviewed bu Michelle Martinez

Victoria Kelly takes license with the legacy of Harry Houdini in her debut novel. Harry Houdini was known for debunking spiritualists who sought to scam the psychologically bereft with séances and other flim-flam. He even went so far to cancel a run of shows in Boston in 1924 to appear with Scientific American journalists lest they be taken in by the much vaunted medium Mina Crandon. Readers must suspend disbelief that Harry Houdini would, upon dying, tell his wife to look for signs that he would find a way to contact her from the beyond.

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Best Senior Book Club Online

Other websites may have Book Clubs, however, has developed their website primarily for Baby Boomers and older seniors, those who are on “the other side of 50, and will be giving Book Club suggestions specifically targeted to the interests of that group. TOS50's Senior Reading List will feature New Books, but you will also be able to find a book club selection for an old favorite as part of our Book Club List. The Reader's Book Club will offer Book Club Recommendations. In addition to recommending interesting books, a qualified Book Club leader will pose questions for specific books and you will be able to participate in a Book Club Discussion. This is an Online Book Club and the material will cover a wider range of subject matter than a Fiction Book Club would offer.

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This is not simply a Senior Book Club. While it is true that we will attempt to offer book club books that are of interest to baby boomers and older seniors, our book club guide should be of interest to anyone interested in being part of a free book club that offers an opportunity for participants to interact online. This is not a large print book club per se, but large print books are available through

You can purchase the books we recommend through Simply click on the appropriate link listed on and you will find yourself on the website. Our motto is: "Join Book Club," and allow yourself the opportunity to have an interesting online experience.

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