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10 Ways to HelpThe Earth

10 Ways to HelpThe Earth

Justin Diament may only be in Fourth Grade but he has some wonderful suggestions for helping us "green" the environment we're living in.  I thought some of our TOS50 members might enjoy sharing his ideas with children and grandchildren.
(Incidentally, Justin Diament is the son of Green Jenine, who maintains the Greening and Gardening section of our website -- and, yes, he is my grandson as well.)  
1. Unplug your video game chargers when they’re not in use. If you leave the charger in the wall, it still uses electricity.
2. Use refillable water bottles. It takes a lot of oil and water to make each disposable water bottle. Even if you recycle it, you are still wasting these natural resources.
3. Use reusable lunch boxes. This saves paper used in making brown bags and reduces the amount of garbage you create.
4. Use reusable food containers for lunch and snack. This reduces the amount of garbage you make with little bags and foil.
5. Don't idle at the bus stop. If you drive to the bus stop, do not leave your car on while you wait for the bus. It’s against the law to idle for more than 3 minutes in New Jersey because it pollutes the air.
6. Carpool with your friends. Carpooling saves gas and reduces air pollution.
7. Keep a recycling bin in your bedroom. In Manalapan, you can recycle paper, and having a recycling bin in your room will make it easier to collect your waste paper so you don’t throw it in the garbage.
8. Dry your hands with a cloth towel. Do not use paper towels to dry your hands at home; it wastes resources and creates garbage.
9. Always turn off the light and the TV when you leave a room. Leaving them on wastes electricity.
10. Buy paper products made from recycled material. Using things made of recycled material saves resources. For example, your family can buy printer paper and napkins made of recycled paper.


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